How to sync Zoom F8 to Tentacle or sync Tentacle to Zoom F8

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Hi – please can you advise (A) how to sync the Zoom F8 to a TentacleSync Tentacle and (B) how to sync a TentacleSync Tentacle to the Zoom F8.  Tried every setting and failed.  For example, when starting Tentacle in Red-Mode and connecting it to the recorder’s Time Code Out BNC, the Tentacle’s light starts to flash red in a steady rhythm, but never changes to green to indicate that it has synced and switched to Green-Mode.  I have tried setting the F8 to Internal free run mode for that and have tried setting it to External mode in order to try to sync it to a Tentacle.  Luck with any of those attempts.

Please help.


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When the Zoom F8 and Tentacle Sync are setup there is no audio timecode recorded.  They are indeed in sync, but without that audio timecode recorded onto an audio track Tentacle Sync Studio has no way of syncing the files.  How is this accomplished?

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