How to sync Zoom F8 to Tentacle or sync Tentacle to Zoom F8

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Hi – please can you advise (A) how to sync the Zoom F8 to a TentacleSync Tentacle and (B) how to sync a TentacleSync Tentacle to the Zoom F8.  Tried every setting and failed.  For example, when starting Tentacle in Red-Mode and connecting it to the recorder’s Time Code Out BNC, the Tentacle’s light starts to flash red in a steady rhythm, but never changes to green to indicate that it has synced and switched to Green-Mode.  I have tried setting the F8 to Internal free run mode for that and have tried setting it to External mode in order to try to sync it to a Tentacle.  Luck with any of those attempts.

Please help.


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The question is; is the display a reliable way to see if there is an offset?
It might very well have a latency!
What you can do is record the timecode ALSO on an audiotrack, using an Y-splitter. If you load the file and you see the same offset in Tentacle Sync Studio between File -TC and Audio-TC you know there is a problem somewhere.

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