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I noticed the app was available for download in Apple App Store (YAY). Plugged it in, got my headphone level set, but it won’t connect to either of my tentacles.


What firmware should tentacle be running? I’m using 4 pin iPhone sync cable, anything else I should do?


My is the iPhone 6s







Hi Craig, here a few tips (for you and others, so sorry when repeating things you already mentioned) to get the iPhone Setup App to work:

  • Please make sure you are using the included 4 pin TRRS Cable (it comes in a sealed plastic bag with a yellow “iPhone Setup Cable” sticker on it). The normal 3 pin TRS cables won’t work.
  • Sometimes the receptacle of the phone is dirty. Please make sure that it’s clean and the jack has a proper contact. An indicator for a proper contact is the appearing of the red volume bar at the top of the connect screen.
  • Make sure you have the latest firmware running, wich is 3.70. To install the latest firmware you have to download and run the latest setup app for MAC/ PC from our website and follow the instructions.
  • Make sure that the headphone volume of your phone is set to a high enough volume level. You can see a hint in the connect screen if the volume level is acceptable.
  • Please make sure that not other grab access to the headphone port. We have experienced issues with an app called “cast”.
  • Sometimes it helps just to restart your phone. We have to check what the reason for this could be.

Hope that helps!


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