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I noticed the app was available for download in Apple App Store (YAY). Plugged it in, got my headphone level set, but it won’t connect to either of my tentacles.


What firmware should tentacle be running? I’m using 4 pin iPhone sync cable, anything else I should do?


My is the iPhone 6s







I also am having problems.  I have updated to 3.70, I am using correct cable (one with yellow label on bag) I did clean my audio port out of any lint i could with a toothpick. I shut doen every app running in the background on my phone, rebooted the phone, tried turning the cable around, re-opening the app, etc.

i can get it to connect but only rarely.  maybe 1 in 10 times. sometimes I have trouble getting “Headphone volume OK” indicator to stay up.  playing around with it it appears to be either a heaphone jack problem or a cable problem.  apllting lateral pressure to headphone jack improves results.   i am using iphone 6.

UPDATE: I wrapped a scrap of Kimwipes soaked in contact cleaner around a toothpick and swabbed my headphone jack on my phone vigorously.  Now it works 100% of the time.  so entirely dirty contact problem.

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