How do I get meta TC onto my audio track with the TC Tool?

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I recorded the TC onto a second track, and my first track containing the actual recorded audio. How do I transfer the meta data from the TC track onto the normal audio track? I don’t see any kind of sync button or anything.

I would like to sync the audio track with meta TC to the video track which contains a “file TC” or the meta TC, inside Resolve.

I’ve tried just exporting these 2 files to see what happens, and it outputs a single audio file, but I don’t believe the meta TC is on there once exported, as Resolve doesn’t see it or sync it to the video.


Thanks for any tips!!




Sorry nevermind, everything is working properly just following the tutorial. I wasn’t recording TC audio into my recorder haha.


I’m on Windows btw. I tried following this tutorial here:¬†

But, the “linked” indicator doesn’t appear in any kind of visible way on the windows program (not sure if I’m supposed to see “linked” anywhere?).