How do I get meta TC onto my audio track with the TC Tool?

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I recorded the TC onto a second track, and my first track containing the actual recorded audio. How do I transfer the meta data from the TC track onto the normal audio track? I don’t see any kind of sync button or anything.

I would like to sync the audio track with meta TC to the video track which contains a “file TC” or the meta TC, inside Resolve.

I’ve tried just exporting these 2 files to see what happens, and it outputs a single audio file, but I don’t believe the meta TC is on there once exported, as Resolve doesn’t see it or sync it to the video.


Thanks for any tips!!




I’m on Windows btw. I tried following this tutorial here:¬†

But, the “linked” indicator doesn’t appear in any kind of visible way on the windows program (not sure if I’m supposed to see “linked” anywhere?).

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