Multicam Issues

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Hey guys,

I shot an event with two cameras and used a Tentacle on each camera to sync them.

(A7s – Timecode recorded in audio)

I am able to get the TentacleSync software to run in multicam mode (Preferences> “Multicam Mode” checked) and correctly align two concurrent clips, but upon exporting an XML and opening it in FCP7, the clips now appear all on the same track and hence, are not in sync.

What is going on here? I ultimately need to XML out of FCP7 into Premiere CC2015 to do my edit but I first need the clips to be in sync!



Hi Cam,

to use the multicam mode correctly you might have to set the camera angle before. Normally Tentacle Sync tries to determine the camera angels itself by checking the metadata of the clips (serial number, etc.). If this is not possible you have to set the angle by yourself. This can be done via the context menu. After that a green camera angle number appears in the clip thumbnail.

Hope that helps,

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