Output volume and auto mic level simplified !!?

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July 24 the Tentacle Setup app for IOS was updated to version 2.2, “Output volume and auto mic level simplified”. The update removed the adjustable output level slider replacing it with a two button selection for MIC or LINE. What the heck is this about? Why remove a useful feature that is supported by the hardware. I discovered this feature loss when I needed to reduce the LINE level output slightly as it was overloading the input of my Sound Devices MixPre-3. This is not good.

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Hi Allen,
we have changed the slider to a simpler two button set to prevent handling errors. Many users reported about being confused by the sliding option. They were wondering what could be the best position for their equipment. Most recording devices have the dual level option MIC or LINE on their inputs. That’s why we chose to use these standard levels for our update and make it more simple to use. By the way we have tested the new feature on the SoundDevices MixPre-3 feeding timecode through the AUX IN connector and the Tentacle Sync E set to MIC level. This works absolutely fine!

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