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Any solutions for this? I have Track E and just bought Sync E mk2 as well. But it seems that I can’t pair them at all. Both of them show up on the iPhone’s Tentacle Setup via Bluetooth. On the upper part of the screen, there’s a yellow banner that says: ‘Devices have to be synchronized.’

After hitting the sync button and performing a frame rate check, it starts syncing. It verifies the sync for a while, flashes the text ‘Timecode Cable unplugged’ on Sync E, continues verifying, and then returns to the starting point with the banner saying, ‘Devices have to be synchronized.’

All the firmware is up to date, including the mobile app.

I have tried this with every combination—cables on/off, red mode, green mode, and even syncing with cables only. But I haven’t had any success in pairing them.


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