Premiere Pro Sync Workflow

Could someone explain to me the best sync workflow for an editor working in Premiere Pro CC? Specifically with cameras using the timecode as audio track.

I’m about to place an order, but I need to confirm that this will actually speed up (and not slow down) our workflow. Thanks!


Just to clarify: What Fokke meant is that you can unlock the software by connecting a Tentacle device via USB to your computer. BUT: There is no need to attach a Tentacle via USB to your computer anymore. If you are a Tentacle owner you can get a software license key for free and this key can be used independently of the hardware.

Using Tentacle together with Premiere Pro, there are two options:

  1. If you are syncing only Video and Audio (no multicam), you can use the media export wich will create new quicktime movies. These files will contain the original video merged with the synchronized audio tracks in it. By choosing the “pass through” option, video or audio samples will not be altered. Transcoding to ProRes or AVC-Intra on the fly is also possible.
  2. If you are syncing a multicam shoot, I would recommend to use the XML export. XML is basically a FCP7 XML type, but you can choose an Premiere CC optimized version. Here Tentacle Sync Studio will create a multicam sequence with a video track for each camera and audio tracks for each sound recording.

Hope that helps!


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