Problems with Sony PXW-FS5 footage

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We are using the Sony PXW-FS5 with the XAVC Codec. When exporting with pass-trough settings for video and audio, the files are not longer recognized in Adobe Premiere CC (latest version). We also tried to open the files with Quicktime and VLC player.. no chance to use them. When opening the recorded files directly in Premiere, there are no issues.

So we have to convert all files with the Adobe Media Encoder before synchronizing them in Tentacle Sync Studio.

We have tried it with the latest version of the Tentacle Sync Studio software both with license and with dongle.

By the way: there are absolutely no problems with footage from the Sony PXW-FS7.

Answered question

LTC Convert works with FS5 Footage, it can read audio timecode and pass-throug it to to file.

The Tentacle Windows Tools (and Mac tool) seems to have a Problem with the XAVC Long Gop Format. Other XAVC (like the intra codec) work.

Files are getting corrupt when passing-throug the tentacle tool.
@Tentacle Support: is there a solution for the problem? Because it would help alot when the XAVC Long Gop problem would be fixed.

Are you working on this?

Your Mac-software has the problem too and I don`t want to buy a 250 € software from the LTC Convert guys just to get this working.

I bought 2 tentacles and would be happy when you would fix it so that I can make everything in your tool.

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