Problems with Sony PXW-FS5 footage

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We are using the Sony PXW-FS5 with the XAVC Codec. When exporting with pass-trough settings for video and audio, the files are not longer recognized in Adobe Premiere CC (latest version). We also tried to open the files with Quicktime and VLC player.. no chance to use them. When opening the recorded files directly in Premiere, there are no issues.

So we have to convert all files with the Adobe Media Encoder before synchronizing them in Tentacle Sync Studio.

We have tried it with the latest version of the Tentacle Sync Studio software both with license and with dongle.

By the way: there are absolutely no problems with footage from the Sony PXW-FS7.

Answered question

XAVC generally uses the MXF wrapper, with the audio and video in a single file. (Other vendors use separate MXF files for audio and video.) However, there’s one flavor of XAVC, called XAVC-S, that uses the MP4 wrapper format. This format is found in the popular Sony A7s camera. Whether it’s MXF or MP4, the data inside the file is still H.264 and LPCM audio.

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