RED Footage not all synching properly

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I’m using the tentacle sync box with my RED Dragon camera and an external audio recorder, but when I go to sync them with the software, it seems like a lot of the clips do not sync properly.  Some audio files are being paired with the wrong video, some video clips are not paired with any audio, and some video clips have multiple audio takes instead of just the proper file.  Any ideas why this is happening?

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Hi Brian,

I have really no clue whats going on there. Maybe you did use the pre-recording function in the Zoom F8. I heard that there might be problems when using timecode together with prerecording on the F8.

But of course this can also be a bug in Tentacle Sync Studio. To figure this out, it would be great if you could send me as less as possible files to reproduce the issue here. (I know, red files are biiiig…)

You can send us the files via wetransfer, dropbox, googledrive to info (at)


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