Software License Key

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I went online and requested a software license key and got it via email. I opened the software and it asked me for my license key and email address.  I copied the license key and entered my email address.  It said it failed. I got another license key and it also failed.

I have the audio file recorded off of my video recorders using a Tentaclesync device.  Now trying to put it with the audio recorders file to sync them.  Can’t wait to see how this works.

I plan of maybe purchasing the Sync devices but want to see how it actually works.


make sure you have the latest Sync Studio software (1.05 is current)


Thank you, I had a sound person record the audio track on his recorder and my video camera.  Both had sync devices attached, he gave me the audio tracks.  So I don’t have the devices.

Still haven’t had any help.  Support told me in an email that I must be typing in the code wrong.  Copy and paste and it didn’t work, manually typed it twice, still doesn’t work.

I will keep trying though.


You can also use the device itself as ‘licence key’. Just turn it on, attach it to your computer using USB and run the sync software.

Although the licence should work of course.