Sync Issues – First Frame Shift (Premiere)

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There seems to be a bug that’s creating havoc in our projects.

Initially, the XML links up perfectly with all the material. But once we close the Premiere pro and reopen the programme, the timeline goes out of sync (both video and audio).

We suspect it’s a “First Frame Shift” (notice how each cut creates a new “in point” at the head of the clip), and when it happens – the timeline and the project file become completely unusable.

2. We’ve tried doing the following, to no avail:

– Disabling “align timecode” on Premiere’s relink/import settings

– Exporting an AAF from Tentacle sync (as opposed to exporting an XML file)

– Importing the XML (or AAF) into a NEW premiere project.

– Verifying this isn’t a Mac or PC related issue, as this problem occurs on all machines

– Exporting an XML/AAF file using NO external sound (the problem will still occur, even if no external audio files are added)

– Using Premiere’s “interpret footage” and modifying the frame rate. (One camera shoots at 50 fps, the other at 25 fps. But this has never been an issue for us)

– Trying to re-link the out-of-sync footage. Nothing helps

– Using Autokroma’s “BRAW Studio Panel”, and their “Timeline Correction” tools.

– The problematic media is stored on a local drive (RAID).

– Opening the XML file on Davinci Resolve, exporting a new XML, then sending that to Premiere.

3. Our setup/sync settings:

Main editing machine: iMac (27-inch, Late 2013)

Premiere version: 13.1.5

Two cameras: Panasonic EVA + Panasonic GH5

Audio: recorded externally using Tascam, and Tentacle Sync Device

We’re sure there’s a solution to this, but at the moment we’re completely at a loss. I hope you’d be able to come to our rescue.


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I’ve come up with a solution for new projects. There is, however, no solution for already destroyed projects. We recently had a project that we had to deliver in UHD 50p. So I also tried the XML export with 50 fps. This worked fine initially, but messed everything up once re-opening the project. The external audio was out of sync and there also were diagonal lines everywhere. My attempt then was to export the xml in 25 FPS, and change the project sequence in premiere to 50 FPS afterwards. This kept the integrity of the project also after re-opening. however, the video clips were kind of messed up since we recorded everything in 50 FPS. They were perfectly in sync. However, I wasn’t able to slip inside the video clips, and since I use slip tool all the time, it was kind of annoying. You could try to export from Tentacle sync in AAF, and then import that into Premiere. that should work and keep the integrity of the project. What I experienced with this method was that the audio channels aren’t correctly mapped and have to be overwritten afterwards. If you work exclusively with 25 FPS video and external audio, then you should have no problem with the XML method. My final solution was to export a 50 FPS XML, and then overwrite all the external audio with a sequence of shortcuts I came up with.

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