Sync Warning message w/ Iphone X?

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I recently upgraded to an iphone X, but when I went to sync one of my tentacles to “phone time,” a message popped up that read “sync warning : it is not recommended to synchronize multiple Tentacles using the ‘Set to Phone Time’ functionality. Please the provided cable instead.” See attached pic.

What I observed: the tentacle appears to sync to phone time. However, after 1 hour into the shoot, I compared the timecode from the tentacle (jammed to my Zoom F8) to my phone’s time, and the F8 TC was 10 seconds behind. I also kept the Tentacle locked on a C300 for that hour and its TC was in sync with the F8, but was also 10 seconds behind my phone’s time.

I haven’t been able to see anything online from other users about this warning message, so right now I’m stumped. Anyone else experience this? What did you do? Is there an issue with the Tentacle App and Iphone X? Thanks in advance for any and all insights!




What this means, is that you can set the timecode on one Tentacle, and this one will act as a master, but jam the others from that first tentacle, not from the phone.


Thanks for the response, Fokke.

How do I reset the Tentacles, so I can just sync one as the master?

I just tried setting one to custom timecode, away from phone time. When I went to set the other to phone TC, to act as the master, I got the same warning message.

How can I make sure not to get these messages anymore?

Thanks in advance,




I set both my tentacles to “Phone Time,” and now every time I set the master (i.e. one tentacle) to Phone Time, I get that error, and eventual drift. How can I fix this?


I would’t connect a tentacle to my iPhone at all. I start one tentacle in GREEN mode, by pressing the power button for a long time until it turns green. Then it will run as master, and the TC will be TOD set by it’s own internal ‘watch’.

Then i lock my 2nd Tentacle but starting it in RED mode, connect the fist tentacle to this one, and it will jam. Take out the connecter, and put it back in. Now it is ready


I only connect the tentacles to the app if i want to change the frame rate
or if i want to change the output level
Since i live in a 25fps country and i have set the output level to AUTO i seldom use my app.
Sometimes i re-set the ‘watch’ (RTC, real time clock) in the tentacles by using the Tentacle Setup Application. But that is usually just a few seconds off.


Ok, thanks.

Since I’ve synced both tentacles to Phone Time, is there anyway to undo that? Or, will it forever be giving me that warning message?


anyone else out there have a fix for me or experienced this same problem?

Do representatives at Tentacle check this forum?


If you switch off a tentacle it loses its timecode and then you need to set it again.


Just click OK on that “sync warning” message.