Sync Warning message w/ Iphone X?

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I recently upgraded to an iphone X, but when I went to sync one of my tentacles to “phone time,” a message popped up that read “sync warning : it is not recommended to synchronize multiple Tentacles using the ‘Set to Phone Time’ functionality. Please the provided cable instead.” See attached pic.

What I observed: the tentacle appears to sync to phone time. However, after 1 hour into the shoot, I compared the timecode from the tentacle (jammed to my Zoom F8) to my phone’s time, and the F8 TC was 10 seconds behind. I also kept the Tentacle locked on a C300 for that hour and its TC was in sync with the F8, but was also 10 seconds behind my phone’s time.

I haven’t been able to see anything online from other users about this warning message, so right now I’m stumped. Anyone else experience this? What did you do? Is there an issue with the Tentacle App and Iphone X? Thanks in advance for any and all insights!




Ok, thanks.

Since I’ve synced both tentacles to Phone Time, is there anyway to undo that? Or, will it forever be giving me that warning message?

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