Synching footage shot on an iPhone using the REC App.

I just completed my first shoot with the Tentacle Sync system but get an error message importing the XML output into Final Cut Pro only I include the footage I shot with my iPhone as a B camera. Most important details include:

  • Latest software updates for all components from OS through each post production app.
  • iPhone Pro 12 was setup to match timecode and video settings being recorded on A camera for 23.98 fps and 1080p.
  • The REC app was reading timecode from the Tentacle Sync iOS app which was jammed with the TS TC module plugged into the A camera.
  • The Tentacle Sync Studio app Sync Map view shows alignment when I spot check both cameras with the Track E recorder.

But when I import the XML file exported from TST, FCP gives me a warning about invalid edits and such, and suggests I examine my settings for the XML file and reimport. It only goes away when I do another XML export from TST but WITHOUT the B camera footage from the iPhone.

I had hoped I would be able to have both cameras available in multicam mode within FCP and quickly switch back and forth depending on the best angle in preview in the browser. But cannot figure out how to get the desired outcome.

Has anyone else tried a similar workflow on location and figured out how to overcome this XML discrepancy in post? I’m already behind and need to fly the white flag and ask for help since it’s not obvious to me. Thank you!

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Here is the error message I received. I’ve subsequently reached out to LateNiteSoft about the REC app after doing another test with ONLY the B Cam footage I recorded on my iPhone with the REC app. Thoughts?

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