Syncing with Premiere

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Hi Tentacle-Team and users!


As I don’t use a Mac, I’ll have to find another method for syncing my video and sound files. My preferred editing tool is Premiere CC.

My cameras: Panasonic AG-HPX371 and a GoPro 4, and soon a Blackmagic Micro when available. For additional sound I use a mobile recorder, Tascam DR-40. How can I sync all the video and sound material? Every gear is connected with a Tentacle.

Regardless of the used OS, the Panasonic stores the videos with AVC-Intra-codec which is not supported by Tentacle Software.

I’m not sure if Premiere is able to handle this. So what is the easiest workflow?

Thank you!



AuxTC does not sync anything, but it could be very helpful for reading audio-timecode on the PC. On the Mac the Tentacle Sync Software does all that for you, syncing included. As I said in a previous post, we are not able to port the Sync Software to Windows. But what I can say is that we are working on a simple windows application wich is called Tentacle Timecode Embedder. It’s purpose is to read and embed audio timecode to WAVE Files. Together with this program and DaVinci Resolve you will be able to batch sync your material in an easy way. And that without the need of using a Mac.

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