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Hi Tentacle-Team and users!


As I don’t use a Mac, I’ll have to find another method for syncing my video and sound files. My preferred editing tool is Premiere CC.

My cameras: Panasonic AG-HPX371 and a GoPro 4, and soon a Blackmagic Micro when available. For additional sound I use a mobile recorder, Tascam DR-40. How can I sync all the video and sound material? Every gear is connected with a Tentacle.

Regardless of the used OS, the Panasonic stores the videos with AVC-Intra-codec which is not supported by Tentacle Software.

I’m not sure if Premiere is able to handle this. So what is the easiest workflow?

Thank you!



The Tentacle Timecode Embedder Tool for Windows to embed Audio Timecode as metadata into WAVE Files will be available in a few weeks. I will contact you via email, maybe you want to try the beta version, when its ready.


Hi Wolfgang,
sadly we are not able to release a Windows Version of the Tentacle Sync Software. This is because we are making heavy usage of OSX Frameworks wich are simply not available on Windows.
Premiere CC is able to sync via Timecode, but not able to read Audio-Timecode. And as far as I know it has no batch syncing capabilities which means that you have to sync clip by clip by your own.

A solution could be to use DaVinci Resolve. It is capable of reading Audio-Timecode on Video Files and does batch syncing. We have done some test with DaVinci, it does the job, but we don’t have tested a workflow in conjunction with Premiere CC. It should be possible to sync via DaVinci and export via XML or AAF to Premiere, but as i said we haven’t tested this yet.




“You are free to use your preferred editing system for syncing.” Obviously this is not true. And Premiere is not an exotic editing tool, but it’s very common.

I hoped it will be easier with Tentacle to sync all my media, but now I have to use another editing tool…


Perhaps this tool is an alternative for your sync-software?


AuxTC does not sync anything, but it could be very helpful for reading audio-timecode on the PC. On the Mac the Tentacle Sync Software does all that for you, syncing included. As I said in a previous post, we are not able to port the Sync Software to Windows. But what I can say is that we are working on a simple windows application wich is called Tentacle Timecode Embedder. It’s purpose is to read and embed audio timecode to WAVE Files. Together with this program and DaVinci Resolve you will be able to batch sync your material in an easy way. And that without the need of using a Mac.


AVC Intra is supported for sure. Where does this information come from?


Sorry… I thought I read somwhere the supported file types and missed AVC-Intra.


But this simple Windows tool is exactly what I am looking for. With the embedded timecode and BWF-files I suppose Premiere is able to sync everything.


Can you estimate when this tool is available?

Thank you



Would be nice! On July 11 + 12 I have to shoot an event in Munich, many hours of material.

Want to sync it with my GoPro.




This is a workflow I am planning to use in a week for a concert I am filming.

Shoot it all, then batch sync audio with the LTC timecode from the DSLR cameras in Resolve Lite. I would use the tentacle software, but my Mac Pro isn’t running 10.8 yet.

After sync and ProRes transcode, I then export an AAF to Premiere and start cutting.


I have the same problem back at our production house.

what we did was we installed VMware and OSX Capitan on our 4 of our Z8 and 2 zbook workstations for the sync and FCPx. so far it works perfectly. so let me know if you need help in doing so.


Hey Ulrich, any update on the Windows Tentacle Timecode Emebedder? Will it also have to have a Tentacle box plugged in and turned on to function like the OS X software?


I may be repeating an existing request here, but having the OS X version of the Tentacle Sync software not require an actual box would be a huge huge deal. I imagine the idea is to not give the software away to those who haven’t purchased the boxes, but currently it creates a huge pain in the ass for Production Sound Mixers (like me) who use them and deliver to folks editing in Premiere, even on indie jobs:

  • There’s no way for them to sync using my audio timecode tracks without purchasing additional, slightly complicated, unusual software
  • They can’t use your software to sync tracks
  • It shouldn’t require my time on set (let alone the fact that on many more pro or Union sets, this is explicitly not allowed or appropriate) to deal with bringing a computer and using my copy of Tentacle Sync to fly together the files or generate XMLs
  • I have gotten more than one call from editors hired for these jobs asking me wtf is wrong with the cameras and why the have no scratch reference track (although obviously I then explain that they do and how to hear it)

I love the product and the ethos behind it, but finding some way to solve these pain points would benefit me, and I would guess many others in my position that are not one-man-bands or both Production and Post departments in one.




As Paul said.

I just bought a pair… I’ve got a shoot tonight, 5D, A7, and C300.  I was thinking of jam syncing the C300, then plugging one into the 5D and one into A7.

However, I literally am recording audio – hand over the rushes and thats it.  I didn’t realise the editor would need my physical tentacle to be able to sync, and as that can’t happen I’m going to go back to plan A and use inbuilt mics as scratch mics and they’ll have to Plauraleyes it :/

Would be great if there was a way in Premiere to get the audio TC to sync!


Not an answer to you post Tris, but you need(ed) 3 Tentacles; the C300 won’t hold timecode properly.

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