Syncing with Premiere

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Hi Tentacle-Team and users!


As I don’t use a Mac, I’ll have to find another method for syncing my video and sound files. My preferred editing tool is Premiere CC.

My cameras: Panasonic AG-HPX371 and a GoPro 4, and soon a Blackmagic Micro when available. For additional sound I use a mobile recorder, Tascam DR-40. How can I sync all the video and sound material? Every gear is connected with a Tentacle.

Regardless of the used OS, the Panasonic stores the videos with AVC-Intra-codec which is not supported by Tentacle Software.

I’m not sure if Premiere is able to handle this. So what is the easiest workflow?

Thank you!



I have the same problem back at our production house.

what we did was we installed VMware and OSX Capitan on our 4 of our Z8 and 2 zbook workstations for the sync and FCPx. so far it works perfectly. so let me know if you need help in doing so.

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