Tentacle sync studio FCPX XML sending clips without audio

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I’m testing using the FCPX 10.2 XML ¬†output in Tentacle sync studio. When I import the XML I’m getting Video with a connected audio lane. However the audio lane is empty. Exporting A media file is great and works. Am I maybe doing something wrong when trying to work with the XML?







This was test footage. We filmed using a Sony PXW X70. Audio was recorded with a Zoom F8. We used the Zoom to Jam Sync a Tentacle sync unit.

I have saved an FCP 7 XML loaded it into Davinci. That worked, Exporting a FCP X XML from Davinci works, although the audio is connected above the video in FCP X.


I have done a media export that works as expected.

It’s exporting a FCP X 10.2 (V 1.5) XML that isn’t working. I haven’t tried a FCP X 10.3 (V1.6) XML. I will try that tonight


I’ve attached a screen grab of the timeline in FCP X.

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