Tentacle and Zoom H6

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I’m using a Zoom H6 recorder for a documentary shoot. I use the XLR capsule (for two lavalier mics) and the backup option (so the two capsule-tracks are being recorderd on extra tracks with lower gain settings) as well as up to three other microphones on the “regular” XLR inputs. This results in having up to seven audio tracks for each take plus up to three cameras with their audio tracks.

If I use the Tentacle on my remaining track, does the software sync all the tracks or does the Tentacle signal need to be part of one stereo track? Also does the Windows software write TC into all of the files?

And if yes, how are corresponding files being matched (how does the software know which files belong together)? By their length? Or by being in the same folder? Or by the file syntax  (could I theoretically rename files and the software would still be able to sync ?


They know by the time-of-day-timecode. Therefore, sync them day by day.

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