The time code synchronized to the camera does not appear.

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I am using several panasonic lumix DC-BGH1 cameras.

The settings of the DC-BGH1 camera are as follows.
– System Frequency : 59.94Hz(NTSC)
– Rec Quality : 1920×1080, 29.97p
– SDI output resolution : 1080p

And the multi-camera system configuration is as shown in the figure.

(Tentacle and camera are connected using BNC connector.)

The camera’s time code setting is set to FREE RUN, NDF, and TC IN.

When recording a camera with this configuration, the timecode does not match.

Am I testing the wrong way?

I want to know which part of the problem is occurring.

(When testing with another camera, Panasonic AG-HPX255EN with the same configuration,
We confirmed that the timecode matches exactly.)

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ah, wait, u opened the image in another window so i can see it bigger, now i see three or four different timecode in the lower left.

Did you try to record all camera’s filming this ‘stopwatch’ and see if the problem is then still there?

And, you are 100% certain that the Tentacles are synced right? ( i think you are someone who knows what he is doing, but i had to ask…)

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