The time code synchronized to the camera does not appear.

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I am using several panasonic lumix DC-BGH1 cameras.

The settings of the DC-BGH1 camera are as follows.
– System Frequency : 59.94Hz(NTSC)
– Rec Quality : 1920×1080, 29.97p
– SDI output resolution : 1080p

And the multi-camera system configuration is as shown in the figure.

(Tentacle and camera are connected using BNC connector.)

The camera’s time code setting is set to FREE RUN, NDF, and TC IN.

When recording a camera with this configuration, the timecode does not match.

Am I testing the wrong way?

I want to know which part of the problem is occurring.

(When testing with another camera, Panasonic AG-HPX255EN with the same configuration,
We confirmed that the timecode matches exactly.)

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I don’t understand the pictures when you say the timecode does not match; on the 4 camera’s i see matching timecode’s.

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ah, wait, u opened the image in another window so i can see it bigger, now i see three or four different timecode in the lower left.

Did you try to record all camera’s filming this ‘stopwatch’ and see if the problem is then still there?

And, you are 100% certain that the Tentacles are synced right? ( i think you are someone who knows what he is doing, but i had to ask…)

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Thanks for your answer.
I’m sorry not to upload images just by expanding the time of code.

“Did you try to record all camera’s filming this ‘stopwatch’ and see if the problem is then still there?”
I didn’t understand the answer correctly.
How exactly did you mean to check it out?

And honestly, I’m not sure that the tentacles are 100% synchronized.
Synchronization between Tentacles used the Tentacle App.
It was also tested using synchronization using Mini jack cable, but the results were the same. However, the test results using different cameras in the same configuration showed the correct time code.

Through this, they think the camera is a problem, but they doubt the number of cases.
(For example, does the time code of the tentacle have an error of less than 1 frame? Is the sync between tentacles really 100 percent?)

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a synced tentacle, either synced by bluetooth or wire, is absolutely within a frame. Maybe after 24 hours it can be off but my Tentacles battery stay within 1/10th of a frame sync.

I think it must be somewhere in the camera but i don’t know where. As a test, you can always use hard wired BNC timecode with Y splitters. Just to rule out a problem with tentacles.

They are on the same frame rate?

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The frame rate of multiple cameras and Tentacle is the same with 29.97 settings.

I tried inputting the timecode from one Tentacle sync E to two cameras using the BNC T connector.
However, the timecode is still displayed incorrectly.

Can I think that there is no problem with the Tentacle sync E?
Probably, the camera I use is a recently released camera,
so it may be a compatibility problem between Tentacle and the camera.

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If you splitted the timecode into two camera’s and they display a different TC i think we can now say that the camera is the problem and not the Tentacle.

Do the camera’s have the same firmware ?

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Not long after the camera was released, the firmware version is the same as one.

Other cameras have confirmed that there is no problem, and I am convinced that the problem is with the BGH1 camera I am using.

I made an inquiry to the manufacturer of the camera and are waiting for an answer.

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just for a test; record the TC >also< on the camera, so BNC in and on audio track. Load the file in TSS and see if there is a difference between Audio-TC and File-TC

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Sorry (T^T), I didn’t understand the answer well because I didn’t have basic knowledge about TC and video.

Insert the TC into the camera using a BNC cable,
Do you mean that if you record in this state, TC is recorded in the .mov file?
(The camera is saved in .mp4 or .mov format)

Or can I test it by referring to the TSS Tutorial video?

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Yes, if you connect timecode to the camera using the BNC in, the camera will record the timecode in the file.
If you ALSO record it on an audio track, it will record it as if it is audio. But Tentacle Sync Studio should be able to read this audio and make timecode out of it.

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Video recording of two cameras was simultaneously recorded using the “LUMIX Tether for Multicam” program by connecting the Ethernet line.
(However, as a result of checking File-TC, there was a difference of 1 frame.)

The TC value was confirmed through Premiere Pro.
If the TC was matched the same, the recorded screen was the same.
(If you set the TC of the right cam to 35:15, It is the same as the screen on the left cam.)
However, I can’t understand that the timecode is wrong in the gridview I posted in the question.
(In other cameras, gridview also shows the same timecode on the same screen)

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A screen is not a good way to check sync. Sorry. It can have latency.

I still suggest to connect the TC to the camera’s using cables and splitters and only use one tentacle. Then you know that the camera’s are a problem or not

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Images used for synchronization analysis are saved directly from the camera to the SD card.
When I checked File-TC using Premire pro and TTS, I was shooting the same screen with the same timecode.

The problem is that the timecode displayed on the screen through SDI out does not match. (Since it will be used for streaming, it is important that the TC displayed on the screen is synchronized.)
For this reason, the TC is actually being synchronized,
I am thinking that there is a problem in the part where the camera outputs the TC to the screen through SDI.

And I plan to use 16 cameras later, and there was no splitter that could input TC to all 16 cameras in one Tentacle.
(The splitter I found is AJA C10DA, which receives 1 input and has 6 outputs.
As a result of inquiring with AJA, I received a reply that it is not recommended to send TC by connecting multiple splitters in a chain.)
Therefore, the test was conducted in the direction of matching the snyc by connecting one tentacle per camera.

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I meant splitting the timecode just as a test. So if you split it to three you can test.

But if you think this is not a tentacle problem, and i think that is the case, you should contact Panasonic.

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There is no AJA C10DA splitter right now.

Therefore, only the test using the BNC T connector was conducted.

In previous tests, even if one Tentacle uses a T connector to insert a TC into the camera, the TC displayed on the two cameras was different.
I think it’s the DC-BGH1 camera, not the Tentacle.

When comparing File-TC, there seems to be no problem,
There seems to be a problem when the camera displays the TC on the screen via the SDI output.

I made an inquiry to Panasonic, but there is no answer yet.
Thank you very much for your answers to solve this problem.

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There is additional confirmation.

Except for the ATEM 8K switch in the configuration shown in the picture in the question, Decklink and the camera were directly connected.

When checking the TC value using the Decklink SDK, it was confirmed that it was consistent with the TC of Tentacle.
(ATEM 8K exports VITC type TC, and the camera only accepts LTC type TC, so I connected directly to decklink except for the switcher.)

It seems that the problem was simply showing the TC.
(It was correct that checking TC sync on the screen is not a good way)

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