Timecode Tool dynamic link library bug

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After having received my first Tentacle, I installed the timecode tool and now I get this error each time I bring up the program.  The program launches, but won’t recognize any audio timecode in any of the iPhone videos recorded with the Tentacle connected to the audio port.  I’m wondering which is broken, the software or the audio time code recording.


Hello Bob,

Regarding the timecode reading error, it would be really helpful if you could send us some sample files (you can use for example https://www.wetransfer.com/ for the file transfer).
Then we can check what could be the exact issue with the Iphone files.

The missing DLL error probably isn’t connected to the timecode reading failure, for that it would be great if you could try out the following things:

  1. Please check if you are running the latest version of the software (1.04)
  2. Try to uninstall and reinstall the program
  3. Try the software in another computer (you can use a trial license for that)

We can also send you a preview version from the latest developer build of Tentacle Timecode Tool, just tell me if you would like to try it out, maybe it will solve the DLL error.
We hope that after overcoming the initial difficulties you will find the Tentacle Timecode Tool a great and easy to use software which fits well in your workflow.
Our customers usually really like to work with it.

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