Timecode Tool dynamic link library bug

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After having received my first Tentacle, I installed the timecode tool and now I get this error each time I bring up the program.  The program launches, but won’t recognize any audio timecode in any of the iPhone videos recorded with the Tentacle connected to the audio port.  I’m wondering which is broken, the software or the audio time code recording.


Hi Bob,

thanks for the sample file you have send us. This is I have found out:

The timecode on the file is a bit distorted, thats why Tentacle Timecode Tool is not able to read the timecode right away. I don’t know why it is so, but maybe you have not set the output level of your Tentacle unit to mic before connecting it to your iPhone.

But you can tweak Timecode Tool to read the timecode properly: If you select the files and choose “Read Audio TC” manually, you are able to set more parameters for reading. I had success to read the timecode by selecting the reading algorithm “HIGH”.

Hope that helps!


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