using Tentacle Sync with Odyssey7Q+

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Just bought brand new Tentacle Sync, it’s working fine with my Zoom F8, it get’s jammed and all is good, however, my Odyssey7Q+ monitor doesn’t register the timecode from the Tentacle Sync, it works fine with F8 via BNC cable, but I don’t see any timecode on Odyssey when I plug in the Tentacle Sync into LTC BNC connector on Odyssey.

I’m using Tentacle Sync Tentacle to BNC Cable (Right-Angle, 16″) so it should work with both F8 and Odyssey

Has anyone ran into this problem, is there a workaround?


sorry for late reply, just had a chance to work with this setup again and it works fine after making the line level adjustment, thank you!


Have you checked the output volume of the Tentacle? For use with BNC timecode inputs it needs to be fully set to Line level. Also, has the Tentacle be set to the correct frame rate?


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