using Tentacle Sync with Odyssey7Q+

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Just bought brand new Tentacle Sync, it’s working fine with my Zoom F8, it get’s jammed and all is good, however, my Odyssey7Q+ monitor doesn’t register the timecode from the Tentacle Sync, it works fine with F8 via BNC cable, but I don’t see any timecode on Odyssey when I plug in the Tentacle Sync into LTC BNC connector on Odyssey.

I’m using Tentacle Sync Tentacle to BNC Cable (Right-Angle, 16″) so it should work with both F8 and Odyssey

Has anyone ran into this problem, is there a workaround?


sorry for late reply, just had a chance to work with this setup again and it works fine after making the line level adjustment, thank you!

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