XMP Import in Premiere (CC2014 and CC2015) diden’t work

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hello there,

my tentacles arrived and i did my first testing with them today.

all works very fine, exept the xml-imort in premiere pro  CC2014 as well the new cc2015. i checkt this on two different computers.

i attached the error message.

the import via fcp7 works fine. then export a xml 5 from fcp7 and import in premiere works, but nice were a direkt import n premiere.

has anybody the same problem? or more better: has anybody fixed it?

perhaps i forgot this: the xml-file was created with tentaclesync-software, of course.

thanks for the help,

christopher from hamburg


Hi Christopher,

as stated in the Readme of the Tentacle Sync Software this is a known issue. We are working on this, but it will take until July since a new version will be released. At the moment we are very busy to release the iPhone App 🙂

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