Zoom H6 is not able to sync?

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Hi guys,

I know audio recorders are a hot topic, but I’m not really getting the idea behind recording a timecode (white noise) into a Zoom H6, maintaining 4 lavaliers (XLR inputs 1 to 4) and connecting the Tentacle Sync E to the L or R on top of the device.

Or am I doing it wrong and should I record the timecode into XLR input 1, for example?

Right now I’ve been able to connect 4 wireless lavalier (transmitter packs) and have a 5th audio track recorded (L/R) which contains the white noise from the tentacle.

Because someone has to listen while doing recordings, I lowered the volume as low to the point where you can’t barely hear it, but it seems it gets recorded in the right way.

I was hoping if someone could tell me if this is the right order. The camera gets the right timecode from the second Tentacle generator. The L/R channel also holds white noise that matches the white noise from the camera.

However, XLR inputs 1 to 4 all have their own timecode which is different from the L/R. So when I import everything into Tentacle Sync Studio, it doesn’t automatically put everything on the right timecode on the timelime.

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks! 🙂

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If I understand your question correctly, Monitor Mixer is what you need. Monitor mixer allows you to mute channels but still record them. Here is a video of a gentleman using it with an H5. The concept is still the same for the H6, but the menu and GUI are different. I hope this helps.

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