Arri Alexa XT Plus issue with Tentacle sync box

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I had some issues using Tentacles Boxes on Arri Alexa XT Plus. In EXT TC and Regen, in 5-10 minutes, the camera showed: system error broken timecode. And the camera needs a restart… and, obviously, unable to use my tentacles boxes for the rest of the day

is normal? Cause I had some collegues with the same issue with the same camera…

my boxes are with the last firmware and the camera firmware is 11.0.1

Can you help me?

Kind regards,


Jordi Salinas


Hi Jordi,

We are already in contact with ARRI. Could you please send us the log file from the SD Card and the time when it has happened?

Please send it to:

We are really eager for fixing that issue.

Thank you,



Urich and I tried everything to cause a crash of an ARRI Alexa XT. We did a lot of tests with tuned Tentacles and broken cables but this XT we had at ARRI Rental Cologne was not getting worked up!

I asked Mathias from ARRI Service if their developer have any idea so far. We hope to get feedback that getting us anywhere.

Until than I just would recommend not to use a Tentacle with an XT in Regen Mode.

If there are any news I will let you know.

Thank you! Max