Davinci Resolve workflow, import xml?

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Are there instructions or a tutorial on how to import xml into Davinci Resolve (after exporting xml from Sync Studio)? I can’t find that info.

I did find two Youtube videos about syncing in Resolve, without using xml, but I’m not able to get that to work. My project is syncing with Tentacle Sync Studio, so trying to figure out how to get that xml file imported to Resolve.

Also, should I use Premiere or FCP xml format (there’s no Resolve option)?

In Resolve I did “update timecode from audio track” for my 2 video clips, and I can create a multiclip with those video clips. But when I add one or both of the Zoom tracks, I can’t get sync.

How do I update the timecode on the L/R audio track, from the sync audio track?

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You probably know this buy now.  DR reads embedded timecode natively.  Just right click audio media files and click “Update Timecode from Audio Track.”

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Sorry for delay in responding. NickMDal, actually “update timecode from audio” only works with video clips, not audio clips. (

I got this from Tentacle support, regarding Resolve:

However this software cannot read Audio TC from audio clips. That’s why you need to import only the files recorded on the Zoom H5 into our Tentacle Sync Studio and export them as ‘Media’ with embedded TC.

From the Resolve manual:

Update Timecode from Audio – LTC

Some cameras do not offer the ability to sync to an external timecode source. Their recorded timecode may be time of day or free run timecode, but it would not be frame accurately synced to other cameras, the dual system audio recorder or the digital slate. This makes multi-cam or dual sound system syncing a time consuming manual operation.

DaVinci Resolve offers a solution to this problem if, by connecting an externally generated timecode to the camera audio input, the video that’s recorded by the camera has a timecode reference recorded on the audio track during the shoot.

Select this clip, or clips, in the media pool, then right-click on one of the highlighted clips and select “Update timecode from audio – LTC.” DaVinci Resolve automatically and instantly updates the clip timecode using the LTC it finds on the audio tracks. You can now use the clips as though they were synced on set.

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