Davinci Resolve workflow, import xml?

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Are there instructions or a tutorial on how to import xml into Davinci Resolve (after exporting xml from Sync Studio)? I can’t find that info.

I did find two Youtube videos about syncing in Resolve, without using xml, but I’m not able to get that to work. My project is syncing with Tentacle Sync Studio, so trying to figure out how to get that xml file imported to Resolve.

Also, should I use Premiere or FCP xml format (there’s no Resolve option)?

In Resolve I did “update timecode from audio track” for my 2 video clips, and I can create a multiclip with those video clips. But when I add one or both of the Zoom tracks, I can’t get sync.

How do I update the timecode on the L/R audio track, from the sync audio track?

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You probably know this buy now.  DR reads embedded timecode natively.  Just right click audio media files and click “Update Timecode from Audio Track.”

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