Tentacle sync to denecke slate

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Dear Tentacle Sync,

I am about to purchased a couple of boxes. Beside jamming to dslr and cameras, it is possibile to jam also electronic slates such as denecke slate from one tentacle sync? I meant with a proper cable (1/8 to 1/4 hrs) ?

I just want to be sure

Thank you

Answered question

OK , here comes Denecke TS3 internal TC vs. Tentacle TC:

Today I started the Denecke jammed to Tentacle, 25fps, room temperature.

Direct test was 0frames off (perfect!) at 00:00:00:00

1h:20min (total) TS3 was offset 1 frame (slower than Tentacle)

5h:30min (total) TS3 was offset 3 frames (slower than Tentacle)

Rg. the price of a Tentacle its a good idea to spend a dedicated Tentacle directly to the TS3 for continous jamming – otherwise better sync it every 1-2 hrs.

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