Tentacle Sync Es wont jam with Mix Pre 3 mk ii at 29.97nd nor 29.97df

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I cannot get my Sync E’s to jam with Mixpre 3 mk II which I am using as my master clock. I can get all frame rates of 23.98, 24, 25, 30, 30df to work without any problems. I have switched out cables to ensure not a bad cable, but regardless of what I do, I cannot get the Sync E’s to jam when the timecode is set to 29.97 either DF or ND. Sync E firmware is 2.00 and Mixpre3 mk II firmware is 5.01 (all latest versions available).

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For the users with this issue,  This is what Tentacle support as informed me:  The MixPre3ii’s TC output has a delay in the 29.97ND/DF that’s outside the precise spec of the Sync E tolerances, therefore why the Sync E rejects jamming from the MixPre3ii.  They advise jamming from the Sync E into the MixPre3ii instead.  That said, I personally have jammed other timecode lock-it boxes from the MixPre3ii in all frame rates successfully.

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